Who, what and where.


From 2006-2013 I worked as a Business English Trainer in Bremen and Hamburg, for  clients of all shapes and sizes. These ranged from small legal firms and tax consultancies to vocational colleges, from universities to global corporations such as Airbus, Bosch, Dell and Siemens.

After a two year contract providing English Training to industrial apprentices for Saudi Aramco oil company in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia and a year in Stuttgart, I am now based in Bremen. My Business English and Technical English courses take place in Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover.

As a freelancer, I  avoid paying  standard company overheads such as office space or employee salaries and benefits.

The result - I don't need to inflate my prices. This means you can hire services from a qualified and experienced professional, for a price that's fair.

Business English lernen in Bremen